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Denídhéth Dzól

Denídhéth Dzól is the Chipewyan word for Moose Hide Ball.

Moose Hide Ball (also known as Slavey Handball or Yukon Dodgeball) is a game where players try to get a ball into a basket or hole in the ground. Depending on the region, however, the game takes on elements of play akin to dodgeball, volleyball or rugby. In some versions of the game, the players who have been hit by the ball thrower are automatically out, whereas in other versions, players can be hit more than once before they are eliminated. In yet other versions, there are no winners or losers, and score is not kept. Despite these differences, games like Moose Skin Ball were often played by both men and women, and were therefore more inclusive than some other Dene games. Moose Skin Ball and its variations are still generally played in many Dene and Indigenous communities.

Thank you to Lisa Heron (video), and speakers Marlin Miersch-King, Kaysea Fountain, and Jerrica Sanderson

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