AREA CLOSURES: Wood Buffalo National Park

Please be advised, a possible anthrax outbreak is being investigated in Trident Creek/Meadows and Sweetgrass Station area of southern Wood Buffalo National Park. Visitor facilities and transportation corridors are unaffected and remain safe to visit and travel on.

If you have any questions or are looking for additional information about the Wood Buffalo National Park closures, please contact the Administration Office at (867) 872-7960 or email

During surveillance flights yesterday, Parks Canada staff found two new remote areas of the park with deceased bison. Because of the outbreaks in other areas, the state of the observed carcasses, and historical anthrax outbreak locations, corroborated with hot and dry conditions, we suspect this is anthrax as well. An additional Area Closure is in effect for an area 8km NW of Peace Point, along the old Garden River road. You’ll be able to see the exact area in the attached map at the bottom of the page. The deceased bison are 5.5 km down the old Garden River road and none adjacent to the Peace Point Reserve which is not part of the area closure. Another 5 mortality was located in the Flat Grass area about 5km SW of the Parson’s lake road.

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