Wings has been printed as the official newspaper for the Northwest Territory Métis Nation for almost 20 years.

Wings delivers program updates for all aspects of the NWTMN and their beneficiaries. This includes updates on negotiation items, enumeration, wildlife and environment monitoring, language and culture, updates on court proceedings, updates and promotion on quarterly events, and support for our members’ achievements.

Currently, Wings is printed on newspaper-size broadsheet paper within our Agreement Area in the South Slave region — the communities of Fort Resolution, Fort Smith and Hay River.



Fall/Winter 2019, Vol 22-1

Fall/Winter 2019 - WINGS Magazine

Spring 2018, Vol 21-1

thumbnail of Wings Vol 21-1

Fall 2017, vol. 20-2

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Winter 2016-17, vol. 20

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Fall 2016, vol. 19-1

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Summer 2016, vol. 18-1


Spring 2016, vol. 17-1


Fall 2015, Vol. 16-1

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Winter 2012, Vol. 15-1

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Spring 2012, vol. 14-1

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Spring 2011, vol. 13-1

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Summer 2009, vol. 12-1

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Spring 2008, vol. 11-1
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Winter 2007, vol. 10-1

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