Photo Gallery

Steve Beck Culture Camp, Hayriver
Emilia Gratrix
AGA - Hayriver
Music at the AGM
Workshop underway
Danny Beck, Rob Tordiff and Cecil Lafferty
Danny & Archie
Arthur Beck and Mr. King
Archie Larocque and Alex Lafferty share a laugh
Alex Lafferty and Cecil Jones
Garry & Arthur
Arthur & Garry setting up with poles
Garry & Arthur setting up a tent
Guitar players
Archie shows his artwork
Lee Mandeville, Catseye Cardinal and Angus Beaulieu
Métis elders look on during workshop
81 year old Pi Kennedy and his lead dog
Net cleaning with Pi
Pi Kennedy cleaning nets
Pi prepares his dog's meals
Archie Larocque and Jean Kennedy AGA 2004
Métis flag
Old friends
Young men at Cultural Institute
Archie and youth page look on during an elders workshop
Febula & Al Bohnet
Ken Hudson, Mills sawmill site
Ken Hudson, with old sawmill equipment
Mills sawmill near the Slave River
Elders at workshop