Registration Division (formerly Enumeration)


In December 2016, the Northwest Territory Métis Nation (NWTMN) Leadership directed Administration to prepare for a final round of registration to identify eligible Métis Citizens who can become beneficiaries of the NWTMN Land Claim. The goal is to have a list of Métis Citizens who possess a birthright that enables them to participate and benefit from in all aspects of the NWTMN Land Claim.


The NWTMN Agreement-in-Principle Chapter 3 sets out the criteria for eligibility as;

3.1.1      An individual will be eligible to be enrolled under the Final Agreement if he or she is a Canadian citizen who:

(a)             is Métis; or

(b)            was adopted as a Child, under Laws or under NWTMN custom, by a Métis or is a descendent of such a person.

Note: Métis means an Aboriginal person of Cree, Slavey or Chipewyan ancestry who resided in, used and occupied any part of the Agreement Area on or before December 31, 1921, or a descendent of such a person. (See the Agreement Area map below)

Applicants who are eligible must also meet the following criteria as set out in the NWTMN Agreement-in-Principle Chapter 3;

3.1.2      An individual may not be enrolled under the Final Agreement and:

(a)             receive benefits or exercise rights under a treaty;

(b)            be on an Indian band list; or

(c)             be enrolled under a Land Claims Agreement



All applicants are required to submit and Enrolment Application Form for consideration.

Printed applications can be obtained at your nearest Métis Council office. Individuals requiring assistance in completing the application can contact your nearest Northwest Territory Métis Nation Community Fieldworker.

Completed applications can be delivered to the Northwest Territory Métis Nation for review by any method noted on the Application Form. 


Understanding the application process and various parts of the Agreement can be confusing. We are here to help you. A Frequently Asked Questions document is currently available.

For assistance applying to be a beneficiary of the NWTMN process, please feel free to contact your nearest Métis Council or contact the Northwest Territory Métis Nation Headquarters for further assistance


Northwest Territory Métis Nation Registry Office
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Please review the below Enrolment Application Form to register for enumeration:

Enrolment Application Form

Additional Documents

In the instance where you’re experiencing any difficulties finding information which would assist in the enumeration process, please feel free to review the following documents, or contact the Registration Division for further assistance.

Agreement-in-Principle (Chapter 3: Eligibility Criteria)

Agreement Area Map

Vital Stats Release Form

Mission Authorization Form

Frequently Asked Questions

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Northwest Territory Métis Nation
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Phone: (867) 872-2770
Fax: (867) 872-2772
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